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Why NewsBoard?

Discover the impact of news sentiment on prices!

News Board by Search Concepts offers a detailed sentiment analysis and news synopsis for 1000+ companies and 50+ countries. Private investors can analyze the market mood represented in 2500+ selected English, German, and French online sources within seconds. News Board does not determine sentiment of whole articles but of every detected statement made about a company or country. It categorizes them into a variety of financial or economic topics such as earnings, costs, trading recommendations, and target price estimates in case of companies or credit rating, economy or unemployment in case of countries. With the power of this in-depth analysis at hand, private investors can quickly assess biased or highly diversified market opinions, identify relevant news much faster, and make faster investment and trading decisions.

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Business Services

Data Streams

Enhance your client experience by integrating our customisable data streams into your trading platform


5000 Companies
250 Countries
50 Market Indices
50 Commodities


World Map with global company and economic sentiment distribution, combined or separate

Sentiment Indictors for 7 and 30 days
Detailed financial and economic topics (as breakdown or aggregated)
Time Series
Timeline with snippets of all extracted statements


English, German, and French (all topics)

Russian, Chinese (simplified and traditional), Japanese, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian (selected topics)

Technology Services

We offer our technology for individual applications:

Sematic Annotation Services

Make use of our information extraction framework and annotate your documents with searchable semantic data.

Predictive Analytics

Our predictive analytics service helps you to find predictive patterns in the combination of your and our data.

Smart Source Discovery

You want to find public sources for a specific topic of interest? You don’t know where to start in the billions of web-sites worldwide and how to find such sources in foreign languages? Discover our Smart Source Discovery Tool!

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Our customers

- Banks & Insurance Companies
Asset Managers & Investment Researchers
Risk Managers
Private Investors

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Our customers

Our information extraction technology is suited for

  • Media Research
  • Healthcare
  • Compliance & Forensic

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We extract statements

Coping with today's information overload is a difficult task. For a long time, natural language has been considered to be an extremely complex and abstract construct that cannot be managed by technology. With the rapid advance of natural language processing, this assumption proves wrong.

Search Concept's unique method combines proprietary in-house algorithms and tools as well as research results from the world's leading institutions in the fields of natural language processing and information extraction. Furthermore, we combine the rigour of rule-based methods with the flexibility of machine learning techniques in order to achieve an exact understanding of information on a single statement level.

The annotation process

This happens in the following way:

  • raw data is obtained by web monitoring and by importing private sources from our business clients
  • on the basis of information extraction technology, our semantic annotation machine processes the data to extract analysis objects, key performance indicators, event location
  • our reasoner applies complex decision algorithms in order to calculate various scores such as the sentiment, direction and magnitude of key performance indicators, and the strength of beliefs and expectations

About Us

About Search Concepts

Search Concepts AG develops highly advanced multilingual information extraction technologies, especially for the financial industry. Search Concepts AG was founded in 2012 in order to commercialise 2 years of intensive scientific research on information extraction.

Our Partners works with well-known partners:

SIX Financial Information

SIX Financial Information is a leading global provider of data services and solutions for financial and insurance firms, corporations and the media. Aggregated in real-time from over 1,500 worldwide sources, SIX’s financial information is comprised of reference data, market data, corporate actions and pricing data for more than 16 million instruments and is unique in terms of information depth, breadth and structure. With offices in 23 countries, SIX combines the advantages of local expertise with global reach to offer financial specialists comprehensive data services for securities administration, risk management and compliance, investment advisory, and portfolio management.

Financial Information is one of four business areas of SIX which offers global premium services in securities trading, clearing and settlement, payment transactions, and financial information.

Further information is available at:

Logo SIX Financial Information

Our Team

Hans-Peter Gier


After completing his MBA at the University of St. Gallen, Hans-Peter has been taking up leading positions as head of strategic IT planning and in the development of quantitative portfolio management systems at Swiss Bank Corporation. He is the founder and managing partner of two other companies that deliver consulting solutions for the banking sector. Search Concepts AG is his third undertaking to which he passionately devotes all of his energy. He likes the organised disorder, analysing, sunny weather and the Mediterranean flair.

Dr. Beat Röthlisberger

Research & Development

Beat received his PhD in theoretical quantum physics with summa cum laude from the University of Basel in 2011. At Search Concepts, he is responsible for the overall research and development process. He is also the author and main developer of the core information extraction and semantic annotation engine. Beat enjoys travelling, making music and vegetarian food.

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